Harrisonville Wildcats All-State Players (Media)

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Missouri Sportswriter/Sportscaster All-State
Missouri Media All-State


Year/ Class/ Team/ Player/ Grade/ Position

1951–2nd Team–Carl Lathrop–Sr.–End

1951–3rd Team–Dudley Childress–Sr.–Back

1952–1st Team–Robin Wright–Sr.–Back

1953–2nd Team–Ben Alburtis–Sr.–End

1954–Honorable Mention–Ed Hartzler–Sr.–End

1967–Honorable Mention–Michael Weaver–Sr.–LB


1970–Class AA–Steve Friedrich–Honorable Mention–Sr.–C


1973–Class AAA–Honorable Mention–Luke Scavuzzo–Sr.–DE


1975–Class 3A–1st Team–Gillis Leonard–Sr.–LB


1981–Class 3A–1st Team–Jeff Rudell–Sr.–G


1981–Class 3A–2nd Team–Russ Pogue–Sr.–DL


1983–Class 3A–1st Team–Jeff Chevalier–Sr.–End


1983–Class 3A–1st Team–Bob Barrett–Coach of the Year


1983–Class 3A–2nd Team–Kelly Donohoe–So.–QB


1983–Class 3A–2nd Team–Randy Hartzler–Jr.–T


1983–Class 3A–2nd Team–Jeff Humbard–Sr.–G


1983–Class 3A–2nd Team–Darren Downey–Sr.–DL


1984–Class 4A–1st Team–Randy Hartzler–Sr.–OL


1984–Class 4A–2nd Team–Mike Sellberg–Sr.–RB


1985–Class 4A–1st Team–Kelly Donohoe–Sr.–QB


1985–Class 4A–1st Team–Bill Lampe–Sr.–End


1989–Class 4A–1st Team–Randy May–Sr.–K


1991–Class 4A–2nd Team–Dennis Cain–Sr.–OL


1995–Class 4A–1st Team–Jeremy Hamilton–Sr.–DB


1996–Class 4A–1st Team–Willie Pruitt–Sr.–DB


1996–Class 4A–2nd Team–Philip Seemann–Sr.–LB


1997–Class 4A–1st Team–Matt Melzer–Sr.–OL


1997–Class 4A–1st Team–Jason Spangler–Sr.–LB


1997–Class 4A–2nd Team–Kyle Mikkleson–Jr.–DB


1998–Class 3A–2nd Team–Jared Britz–Sr.–OL


1998–Class 3A–2nd Team–Chad Speer–Jr.–OL


1998–Class 3A–2nd Team–Ryan Maid–Jr.–DL


1998–Class 3A–2nd Team–Travis Ware–Sr.–P


1999–Class 3A–1st Team–Chad Speer–Sr.–OL


1999–Class 3A–1st Team–Ryan Maid–Sr.–DL


2002–Class 3–2nd Team–Josh Speer–Jr.–LB


2002–Class 3–2nd Team–Phillip Kennedy–Sr.–P


2003–Class 3–1st Team–Pat Moennig–Sr.–OL


2003–Class 3–1st Team–Fred Bouchard–Coach of the Year


2003–Class 3–1st Team–Travis Huseman–Sr.–DL


2003–Class 3–1st Team–Josh Speer–Sr.–LB


2003–Class 3–2nd Team–Mike Sanders–Sr.–DL


2004–Class 3–1st Team–Reuben Hartzler–Sr.–RB


2004–Class 3–1st Team–Drew Powers–Sr.–OL


2004–Class 3–2nd Team–Tyson Travis–Sr.–QB


2004–Class 3–2nd Team–Michael Culpepper–Sr.–LB


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Jason Thomas–Sr.–QB


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Drew White–Sr.–OL


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Zach Kendall–Sr.–DL


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Michael Keck–Jr.–LB


2005–Class 3–2nd Team–Michael Stadler–Sr.–P


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Josh Rice–Sr.–OL


2006–Class 3–2nd Tea– Sean Ransburg–Jr.–QB


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Michael Keck–Sr.–DL


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Zach Livingston–Sr.–LB


2006–Class 3–2nd Team–Quenton Weygearts–Sr.–P


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Sean Ransburg–Sr.–QB


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Donnie MacLeod–Sr.–WR


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Kyle Bouchard–Sr.–OL


2007—-Class 3–1st Team–Fred Bouchard–Coach of the Year


2007–Class 3–2nd Team–Derek Naida–Jr.–AP


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Brian Kagarice–Sr.–DL


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Taylor Lee–Sr.–DB


2007–Class 3–2nd Team–Joe Dahman–So.–LB


2008–Class 4–2nd Team–Derek Naida–Sr.–RB


2008–Class 4–2nd Team–Joe Dahman–Jr.–LB


2009–Class 4–2nd Team–Joe Dahman–Sr–LB


2010–Class 4–1st Team–Justin Strong–Sr.–OL


2010–Class 4–1st Team–Travis Britz–Jr.–DL


2010–Class 4–1st Team–Alex Bartlett–Sr.–DB


2010–Class 4–2nd Team–Kyle Livingston–Sr.–LB


2011–Class 4–1st Team–Travis Britz–Sr.–DL


2012–Class 4–1st Team–Zach Davidson–Jr.–AP


2012–Class 4–1st Team–Walter Eastwood–Sr.–DB


2012–Class 4–2nd Team–Joe Schlecter–Jr.–OL


2012–Class 4–2nd Team–Brock Kliewer–Jr.–DL


2013–Class 4–2nd Team–Brock Kliewer–Sr.–DL


2014–Class 4–2nd Team–Tanner Gulick–Jr.–OL


2014–Class 4–2nd Team–Wyatt Schenker–Jr.–DB


2014–Class 4–2nd Team–Tucker Schlesener–Sr.–DL


2015–Class 4–2nd Team–Tanner Gulick–Sr.–OL


2016–Class 4–1st Team–Morgan Selemaea–Sr.–RB


2016–Morgan Selemaea–Class 4 Offensive Player of the Year


2016–Class 4–1st Team–Austin Campbell–Sr.–OL


2016–Class 4–2nd Team–Joe Snooks–Sr.–WR


2016–Class 4–2nd Team–Jarett Goss–Sr.–DB


2016–Class 4–2nd Team–Nathan Kreimeyer–Sr.–LB


2016–Class 4–2nd Team–Nick Kruse–Jr.–DL


2016–Class 4–Coach of the Year


2017–Class 4–2nd Team–Nick Kruse–Sr.–DE


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