Flag Carrier Tradition

Flag Carrier Tradition

In 2002 Fred Bouchard became the head football coach at Harrisonville High School. That season the football team began carrying a team flag onto the field during pregame when taking the field at game time. From 2002 through 2009 the Wildcats would carry the “Power Cat” flag into games. This flag would be retired after the 2009 season. Beginning in 2010 through present the Wildcats have taken the field carrying the “H” flag. In 2015 the Wildcats began carrying the “12 Man” flag into games. The following list are the players that were chosen to carry the team flag into games each year.

2002- #45 Brian Rinker

2003- #55 Ben Crow

2004- #13 Danny Bryant

2005- #69 Zach Kendall

2006- #67 Andrew Clarke

2007- #26 Caleb Sevy

2008- #81 Tim Martin

2009- #69 Matt Smith


2010- #74 Justin Strong

2011- #62 Colton Saunders

2012- #59 Nick Ingrassia

2013- #33 Austin Hopper

2014- #54 Austin Moreland

2015- #55 Shea Osborn

2016- #34 Nathan Kreimeyer

2017- #40 Jesse Wallen

2018- #56 Jacob Poisal


2015- #52 Austin Hastings

2016- #85 Jarett Goss

2017- #56 Ben Clary

2018- #53 Keigan Rowe


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the Harrisonville Cass R-9 School District

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