Big Blue Tradition

Posted on September 18, 2014 in Big Blue Tradition.

“Big Blue” Tradition

In the fall of 1972 the Harrisonville Booster Club under the direction of President B.W. Bein purchased Big Blue I, a 41-passenger air conditioned bus from the Missouri Transit Company Inc. of Moberly, Missouri at a cost of $7,250.

Since that time the Athletic Booster’s have been transporting Harrisonville students to sports, academic and school related activities in top of the line comfort aboard Big Blue I, II, III, IV, V, VI.

As was done in 1972 and still is today, the Harrisonville Athletic Booster Club pays for the maintenance and qualified through concession stand sales, sports programs and other fundraising programs.

The Harrisonville Athletic Booster Club now provides two buses, Big Blue V & Big Blue VI. Both are 1997 Prevost H345 that provide the same class and tradition as their predecessor’s did for the past 42 years.

A special thank you to the Harrisonville Athletic Booster Club, community, businesses, past Booster Club members and bus drivers that have participated in making the “BIG BLUE” bus program a success.



Big Blue I


Big Blue II



Big Blue III “Little Blue”



Big Blue IV



Big Blue V



Big Blue VI




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