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Missouri Football Coaches Association All-State

Year / Class/ Team/ Player/ Class/ Position

2002–Class 3–1st Team–Brain Rinker–Sr.–End

2002–Class 3–Honorable Mention–Logan Hull–Sr.–OL

2003–Class 3–1st Team–Pat Moennig–Sr.–OL

2003–Class 3–1st Team–Mike Sanders–Sr.–DL

2003–Class 3–1st Team–Travis Huseman–Sr.–DE

2003–Class 3–1st Team–Josh Speer–Sr.–LB

Class 3 Defensive Player of the Year

2003–Class 3–1st Team–Jon Layden–Sr.–DB

2003–Class 3–1st Team–Fred Bouchard–Coach of the Year

2003–Class 3–2nd Team–Tyson Travis–Jr–QB

2003–Class 3–2nd Team–Reuben Hartzler–Jr.–RB

2003–Class 3–2nd Team–Ben Crowe–Sr.–OL

2003–Class 3–Honorable Mention–Danny Bryant–Jr.–TE/SB

2003–Class — Honorable Mention–Jeff Hedrick–Jr.–DL

2004–Class 3–1st Team–Tyson Travis–Sr.–QB

Class 3 Offensive Player of the Year

2004–Class 3–1st Team–Reuben Hartzler–Sr.–RB

2004–Class 3–1st Team–Ben McGhee–Sr.–TE/SB

2004–Class 3–1st Team–Drew Powers–Sr.–OL

2004–Class 3–1st Team–Drew White–Jr.–OL

2004–Class 3–1st Team–Jeff Hedrick–Sr.–DL

2004–Class 3–1st Team–Michael Culpepper–Sr– LB

2004–Class 3–1st Team–Zach Kendall–Jr– DE

2004–Class 3–1st Team–Michael Keck–So.–DB/SS


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Jason Thomas–Sr.–QB

Class 3 Offensive Player of the Year


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Drew Whit–Sr.–OL


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Jason Wiseman–Sr.–OL


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Zach Kendall–Sr.–DL

Class 3 Defensive Player of the Year


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Michael Keck–Jr.–DL


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Travis Foerschler–Sr.–LB


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Caleb Noland–Sr.–DB


2005–Class 3–1st Team–Michael Stadler–Sr.–P


2005–Class 3–3rd Team–Steven Wiseman–Sr.–OL


2005–Class 3–3rd Team–Andrew Collins–Sr.–DB


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Dan Reichert–Sr.–TE/SB


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Andrew Clarke–Sr.–OL


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Tyler Linder–Sr.–DL


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Micheal Keck–Sr.–DE


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Zach Livingston–Sr.–LB

Class 3 Defensive MVP


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Steven Collins–Sr.–DB


2006–Class 3–1st Team–Chris Ramirez–Sr.–DB

2006- Class 3–1st Team–Fred Bouchard–Coach of the Year


2006–Class 3–2nd Team–Sean Ransburg–Jr.–QB


2006–Class 3–2nd Team–Quenton Weygearts–Sr.–K


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Sean Ransburg–Sr.–QB

Class 3 Offensive MVP


2007–Class 3–1st Tea– Donnie MacLeod–Sr.–WR


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Derek Naida–Jr.–SB


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Kelcie Holmes–Sr.–OL


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Spencer Murry–Sr.–DL


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Brain Kagarice–Sr.–DL


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Taylor Lee–Sr.–DB


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Dallas Herndon–Jr– K


2007–Class 3–1st Team–Fred Bouchard–Coach of the Year


2007–Class 3–2nd Team–Kyle Bouchard–Sr.–OL


2007–Class 3–2nd Team–Joe Dahman–So.–LB


2008–Class 4–1st Team–Taylor Moreland–Sr.–OL


2008–Class 4–2nd Team–Derek Naida–Sr.–RB


2008–Class 4–2nd Team–Dallas Herndon–Sr.–P


2008–Class 4–2nd Team–Dallas Herndon–Sr.–K


2008–Class 4–2nd Team–Joe Dahman–Jr.–LB


2008–Class 4–3rd Team–Kyle Livingston–So.–LB


2008–Class 4–Academic All State Football–Derek Naida–Sr.

2009–Class 4–1st Tea–Derek Haug–Jr.–Returner

2009–Class 4–2nd Team–Joe Dahman–Sr.–LB

2009–Class 4–2nd Team–Kyle Livingston–Jr.–LB

2009–Class 4–3rd Team–Terry Scott–Sr.–RB

2009–Class 4–3rd Team–Charlie Moore–Sr.–DB

2010–Class 4–1st Team–Justin Strong–Sr– OL

2010–Class 4–1st Team–Travis Britz–Jr.–DL

2010–Class 4 Defensive Player of the Year Travis Britz

2010–Class 4–1st Team–Alex Bartlett–Sr.–DB

2010–Class 4–2nd Team–Kyle Livingston–Sr.–LB

2010–Class 4–2nd Team–Landon Teal–Sr.–P

2010–Class 4–3rd Team–Dustin Young–Jr.–OL

2010–Class 4–3rd Team–Chance Alexander–Sr.–LB



2010–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Chance Alexander–Sr.



2010–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Colby Branstine–Sr.



2010–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Dillon Kliewer–Sr.



2010–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Zach Wright–Sr.

2011–Class 4–1st Team–Travis Britz–Sr.–DL

2011–Class 4 Defensive Player of the Year Travis Britz Sr.

2011–Class 4–2nd Team–Dustin Young–Sr.–OL

2011–Class 4–2nd Team–Walter Eastwood–Jr.–DB

2011–Class 4–3rd Team–Colton Saunders–Sr.–OL

2011–Class 4–3rd Team–John Fuller–Sr.–RB

2011–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Thaddeus Messer–Sr.

2012–Class 4–1st Team–Brock Kliewer–Jr.–DL

2012–Class 4–1st Team–Walter Eastwood–Sr.–DB

2012–Class 4–2nd Team–Mason Saffels–Jr–Ath.

2012–Class 4–2nd Team–PJ Patton–Sr.–DL

2013–Class 4–1st Team–Brock Kliewer–Sr.–DE



2013–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Brock Kliewer–Sr.



2013–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Landon Hern–Jr.



2013–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Jack McCleave–Sr.


2013–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Brance Neal Sr.


2013–Class 4–Academic All-State Football–Zach Davidson Sr.

2014–Class 4–2nd Team–Adam Schrock Sr.–Rec.

2014–Class 4–2nd Team–Landon Hern Sr.–LB

2014–Class 4–2nd Team–Wyatt Schenker–DB

2014–Class 4–2nd Team–Tucker Schlesener–DL

2014–Class 4–2nd Team–Tanner Gulick–OL

2015–Class 4–2nd Team–Tanner Gulick–OL

2015–Class 4–3rd Team-Wyatt Schenker–DB

2015–Class 4–3rd Team–Kholby Barnes–DL

2015–Class 4–3rd Team–Joe Snooks–WR

2015–Class 4–3rd Team–Morgan Selemaea–RB

2015–Class 4–Academic All-State–Ben Styron

2015–Class 4–Academic All-State–Hunter Leipham

2015–Class 4–Academic All-State–Wyatt Schenker

2015–Class 4–Academic All-State–Austin Campbell


2016–Class 4–1st Team–Morgan Selemaea–Sr.–RB


2016–Morgan Selemaea–Class 4 Offensive Player of the Year


2016–Class 4–1st Team–Austin Campbell–Sr.–OL


2016–Class 4–2nd Team–Joe Snooks–Sr.–WR


2016–Class 4–2nd Team–Nathan Kreimeyer–Sr.–LB


2016–Class 4–2nd Team–Jarett Goss–Sr.–DB


2016–Class 4–2nd Team–Nick Kruse–Jr.–DE


2016–Class 4–3rd Team–Xavier Stein–Sr.–OL


2017–Class 4–2nd Team–Nick Kruse–Sr.–DE


2018–Class 4–Academic All-State–Zachery Chaney–Sr.


2018–Class 4–Academic All-State–Carson Crowley–Jr.


2018–Class 4–Academic All-State–Trevor Campbell–So.


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