Harrisonville All-State Players (Coaches)


Missouri Football Coaches Association All-State

Year / Class/ Team/ Player/ Class/ Position

2002--Class 3--1st Team--Brain Rinker--Sr.--End

2002--Class 3--Honorable Mention--Logan Hull--Sr.--OL

2003--Class 3--1st Team--Pat Moennig--Sr.--OL

2003--Class 3--1st Team--Mike Sanders--Sr.--DL

2003--Class 3--1st Team--Travis Huseman--Sr.--DE

2003--Class 3--1st Team--Josh Speer--Sr.--LB

Class 3 Defensive Player of the Year

2003--Class 3--1st Team--Jon Layden--Sr.--DB

2003--Class 3--1st Team--Fred Bouchard--Coach of the Year

2003--Class 3--2nd Team--Tyson Travis--Jr--QB

2003--Class 3--2nd Team--Reuben Hartzler--Jr.--RB

2003--Class 3--2nd Team--Ben Crowe--Sr.--OL

2003--Class 3--Honorable Mention--Danny Bryant--Jr.--TE/SB

2003--Class -- Honorable Mention--Jeff Hedrick--Jr.--DL

2004--Class 3--1st Team--Tyson Travis--Sr.--QB

Class 3 Offensive Player of the Year

2004--Class 3--1st Team--Reuben Hartzler--Sr.--RB

2004--Class 3--1st Team--Ben McGhee--Sr.--TE/SB

2004--Class 3--1st Team--Drew Powers--Sr.--OL

2004--Class 3--1st Team--Drew White--Jr.--OL

2004--Class 3--1st Team--Jeff Hedrick--Sr.--DL

2004--Class 3--1st Team--Michael Culpepper--Sr-- LB

2004--Class 3--1st Team--Zach Kendall--Jr-- DE

2004--Class 3--1st Team--Michael Keck--So.--DB/SS


2005--Class 3--1st Team--Jason Thomas--Sr.--QB

Class 3 Offensive Player of the Year


2005--Class 3--1st Team--Drew Whit--Sr.--OL


2005--Class 3--1st Team--Jason Wiseman--Sr.--OL


2005--Class 3--1st Team--Zach Kendall--Sr.--DL

Class 3 Defensive Player of the Year


2005--Class 3--1st Team--Michael Keck--Jr.--DL


2005--Class 3--1st Team--Travis Foerschler--Sr.--LB


2005--Class 3--1st Team--Caleb Noland--Sr.--DB


2005--Class 3--1st Team--Michael Stadler--Sr.--P


2005--Class 3--3rd Team--Steven Wiseman--Sr.--OL


2005--Class 3--3rd Team--Andrew Collins--Sr.--DB


2006--Class 3--1st Team--Dan Reichert--Sr.--TE/SB


2006--Class 3--1st Team--Andrew Clarke--Sr.--OL


2006--Class 3--1st Team--Tyler Linder--Sr.--DL


2006--Class 3--1st Team--Micheal Keck--Sr.--DE


2006--Class 3--1st Team--Zach Livingston--Sr.--LB

Class 3 Defensive MVP


2006--Class 3--1st Team--Steven Collins--Sr.--DB


2006--Class 3--1st Team--Chris Ramirez--Sr.--DB

2006- Class 3--1st Team--Fred Bouchard--Coach of the Year


2006--Class 3--2nd Team--Sean Ransburg--Jr.--QB


2006--Class 3--2nd Team--Quenton Weygearts--Sr.--K


2007--Class 3--1st Team--Sean Ransburg--Sr.--QB

Class 3 Offensive MVP


2007--Class 3--1st Tea-- Donnie MacLeod--Sr.--WR


2007--Class 3--1st Team--Derek Naida--Jr.--SB


2007--Class 3--1st Team--Kelcie Holmes--Sr.--OL


2007--Class 3--1st Team--Spencer Murry--Sr.--DL


2007--Class 3--1st Team--Brain Kagarice--Sr.--DL


2007--Class 3--1st Team--Taylor Lee--Sr.--DB


2007--Class 3--1st Team--Dallas Herndon--Jr-- K


2007--Class 3--1st Team--Fred Bouchard--Coach of the Year


2007--Class 3--2nd Team--Kyle Bouchard--Sr.--OL


2007--Class 3--2nd Team--Joe Dahman--So.--LB


2008--Class 4--1st Team--Taylor Moreland--Sr.--OL


2008--Class 4--2nd Team--Derek Naida--Sr.--RB


2008--Class 4--2nd Team--Dallas Herndon--Sr.--P


2008--Class 4--2nd Team--Dallas Herndon--Sr.--K


2008--Class 4--2nd Team--Joe Dahman--Jr.--LB


2008--Class 4--3rd Team--Kyle Livingston--So.--LB


2008--Class 4--Academic All State Football--Derek Naida--Sr.

2009--Class 4--1st Tea--Derek Haug--Jr.--Returner

2009--Class 4--2nd Team--Joe Dahman--Sr.--LB

2009--Class 4--2nd Team--Kyle Livingston--Jr.--LB

2009--Class 4--3rd Team--Terry Scott--Sr.--RB

2009--Class 4--3rd Team--Charlie Moore--Sr.--DB

2010--Class 4--1st Team--Justin Strong--Sr-- OL

2010--Class 4--1st Team--Travis Britz--Jr.--DL

2010--Class 4 Defensive Player of the Year Travis Britz

2010--Class 4--1st Team--Alex Bartlett--Sr.--DB

2010--Class 4--2nd Team--Kyle Livingston--Sr.--LB

2010--Class 4--2nd Team--Landon Teal--Sr.--P

2010--Class 4--3rd Team--Dustin Young--Jr.--OL

2010--Class 4--3rd Team--Chance Alexander--Sr.--LB



2010--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Chance Alexander--Sr.



2010--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Colby Branstine--Sr.



2010--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Dillon Kliewer--Sr.



2010--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Zach Wright--Sr.

2011--Class 4--1st Team--Travis Britz--Sr.--DL

2011--Class 4 Defensive Player of the Year Travis Britz Sr.

2011--Class 4--2nd Team--Dustin Young--Sr.--OL

2011--Class 4--2nd Team--Walter Eastwood--Jr.--DB

2011--Class 4--3rd Team--Colton Saunders--Sr.--OL

2011--Class 4--3rd Team--John Fuller--Sr.--RB

2011--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Thaddeus Messer--Sr.

2012--Class 4--1st Team--Brock Kliewer--Jr.--DL

2012--Class 4--1st Team--Walter Eastwood--Sr.--DB

2012--Class 4--2nd Team--Mason Saffels--Jr--Ath.

2012--Class 4--2nd Team--PJ Patton--Sr.--DL

2013--Class 4--1st Team--Brock Kliewer--Sr.--DE



2013--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Brock Kliewer--Sr.



2013--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Landon Hern--Jr.



2013--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Jack McCleave--Sr.


2013--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Brance Neal Sr.


2013--Class 4--Academic All-State Football--Zach Davidson Sr.

2014--Class 4--2nd Team--Adam Schrock Sr.--Rec.

2014--Class 4--2nd Team--Landon Hern Sr.--LB

2014--Class 4--2nd Team--Wyatt Schenker--DB

2014--Class 4--2nd Team--Tucker Schlesener--DL

2014--Class 4--2nd Team--Tanner Gulick--OL

2015--Class 4--2nd Team--Tanner Gulick--OL

2015--Class 4--3rd Team-Wyatt Schenker--DB

2015--Class 4--3rd Team--Kholby Barnes--DL

2015--Class 4--3rd Team--Joe Snooks--WR

2015--Class 4--3rd Team--Morgan Selemaea--RB

2015--Class 4--Academic All-State--Ben Styron

2015--Class 4--Academic All-State--Hunter Leipham

2015--Class 4--Academic All-State--Wyatt Schenker

2015--Class 4--Academic All-State--Austin Campbell


2016--Class 4--1st Team--Morgan Selemaea--Sr.--RB


2016--Morgan Selemaea--Class 4 Offensive Player of the Year


2016--Class 4--1st Team--Austin Campbell--Sr.--OL


2016--Class 4--2nd Team--Joe Snooks--Sr.--WR


2016--Class 4--2nd Team--Nathan Kreimeyer--Sr.--LB


2016--Class 4--2nd Team--Jarett Goss--Sr.--DB


2016--Class 4--2nd Team--Nick Kruse--Jr.--DE


2016--Class 4--3rd Team--Xavier Stein--Sr.--OL


2017--Class 4--2nd Team--Nick Kruse--Sr.--DE


2018--Class 4--Academic All-State--Zachery Chaney--Sr.


2018--Class 4--Academic All-State--Carson Crowley--Jr.


2018--Class 4--Academic All-State--Trevor Campbell--So.


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